Business analysisRhonda Schanfield is dedicated to taking the time to understand your business, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build value in their business and grow thriving enterprises in Canada. Her goal is to provide relevant, timely advice and ideas about your financial, business, and operational challenges in a way that is manageable and affordable, which can ultimately help you save time and money. Tax savingsHer experience, combined with her entrepreneurial approach, allows her to offer practical solutions in resolving clients’ complex and day to day business issues. Whether your company requires a cost/benefit analysis, lease versus purchase decision, profitability analysis or a strategic business plan, Rhonda can help your company plan and move ahead, not merely react, in the face of change. She is able to provide you with guidance and insight on key issues related to your business. Graphical analysisIn addition to day to day business consultation, she can lead you through a process of strategic thinking – resulting in an action plan to drive your company’s growth and profitability. Whether you want to build a broader product line or service offering, enter a new market, acquire new assets or inject capital, Rhonda can help you analyze the opportunities in your business environment, assemble background information on your company, your competition and your industry, analyze the needs of your customers, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and the financial and physical resources available to you